A New Year on the Farm

HAPPY NEW YEAR from our family.

This year we allowed the boys to stay up with us to celebrate. We originally thought we would keep the night simple: celebrate the count down with Brazil at 8pm and then go to bed. That didn’t happen. Instead, much of the Zweber clan (aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousin’s kids) were still in town for our Christmas celebration. They all came back to the farm for another night of great food, wine, beer, music, games and laughter.

new years eve kids

The boys got to enjoy some sparkling grape juice

family farm, minnesota, mn

Erik was set to ring in the New Year at midnight

family farm, mn, minnesota

Jonnie almost didn’t make it. His eyes were very heavy.

family farm, mn, minnesota

Since Mommy didn’t want to get up when Hannah did, she had to snuggle with me for awhile the next morning. Not a bad way to start a new year. 

When it comes to farming, January is not a good time to start a new year. It makes more sense to start in March or April, when the grasses are just starting to grow and more calves are being born.

Nonetheless, 2013 is upon us and we are planning a new year. I am not a big resolution person. While I am very goal oriented, reserving January for major life changes isn’t my style. If I want to change something, I just set a goal and get it done. No waiting for Time Square, Ryan Seacrest and a hang-over to jump start my goals.

2013 will not bring any major changes to Zweber Farms, but a few tweaks.

  • We are exploring ways to increase the amount of pigs we raise on our farm. The last few years we have had more customers than pigs available.
  • We want to make sure our hens are safe out on pasture this spring and summer. Last year we had an issue with an owl eating our hens.
  • A lesson we learned from last year: either secure a lot more land through rent or contacts to raise feed for our animals or keep our dairy herd numbers to keep our land to animal ratios in place.

Our farm is nearly 107 years old. You think we would have it all figured out. But as you can see, we are constantly evolving and making changes so that we can care for our land, animals and our family in the best way possible. That means you are always getting the most humanely raise and healthiest meat, milk and eggs possible.


Did you make a resolution for 2013? Please share!

Happy New Year!


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