Field Trip to the Apple Orchard

Today, Erik and I went on his first preschool field trip. We went to a local apple orchard. It was so much fun. Erik was most to excited to ride the school bus. His class only had ten children in it, but it was still full of chaos and fun. We even had six chaperons besides the teacher.

At the orchard, our class rode on a hay wagon out to the trees. The children were instructed in how to pick apples (twist and pull). They were also told that they were allowed to pick five apples for their bags and one apple for the hay wagon ride back. Erik of course ate three apples while in the orchard, then had one on the wagon, one of the bus ride back to the school and his last one on the way home from school. He loves apples.

Also, at the orchard our class watched an apple cider making demonstration. Each of the children had a chance to turn the press.  Lastly, they got to run through the maze and play on the tower of straw bales.


 While there probably wasn’t much learning about agriculture production while at the orchard, the kids still had a great experience with food. Not every outing has to be educational. It was just as important that the kids had a fun time. Developing positive experiences with food (especially healthy food) can help lead children down a path of healthy living.

To learn where there are orchards in your area, contact your state department of agriculture. Minnesota has a great site: Minnesota Grown


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