The Grass is Always Greener

This weekend I was having those feelings again where I wished Tim and I worked “normal” 9-5 jobs. The kinds of jobs where we were home in the evening, home on the weekends and home for holidays. And when I say “home” I don’t mean in the barn. The kind of jobs where we didn’t have to worry about the raising cost of private health insurance (thanks to Health Care Reform Act) or whether the weather was going to ruin our crops and destroy any chance at an income.

I often picture that everyone elses life is simple. People come home from work. Then they cook dinner and sit down as a family. After dinner they may go to a child’s after school activity or settle in to watch T.V. On weekends, the people in my mind, will sleep in, read the paper, enjoy waffles for breakfast,  then all pack in the car to enjoy a picnic at a park. Everyone is smiling and having a good time. That is how everyone’s life works, right?

After I give myself enough time to sulk, I remember that the grass always seems greener on the other side of fence. We have many blessings in our life and maybe the grass is greener on our side of the fence.

Granted, I rarely get to sleep in, but I able to eat three meals a day with my husband. I have found a recipe where I can make waffles in less time than it takes for the coffee to brew. My children get to see their Daddy at both lunch and supper. They also spend time with Grandma and Papa Zweber everyday (which my mother thinks is unfair). Yes, my weekends are filled with the same work on the weekdays, but we enjoy our jobs so much that we don’t  “work for the weekend.” We often find ourselves asking what day of the week it is, solely to know if the part stores are open or not. While most families spend a majority of their days apart, we spend most of our time together working as a family. My children are able to enjoy exploring outside everyday. They have witnessed the miracle of birth.  While most families are tuning into prime time T.V, our family is watching the sunset while finishing chores.

While farming is not the “simple” life people dream that it is, it is extremely fulfilling. It is the kind of life I would choose for myself and my family every day of the year. Today, looks like it is going to be wonderful fall day. I am glad that I will be working on the farm with my husband and children, knowing that what we do each day ensures that your family has wholesome milk and meat to drink and eat. I would say that makes the grass greener on both sides of the fence.

Our side of the fence

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  1. iafarmwife

    Love this! Thank you for reminding me why I love my life so much. I sometimes find myself wishing the same things you do, but then I remember what it was like back when I was in that 9-5 world and I wanted to be on the farm. We humans are just never satisfied! That is, until we remember to count our blessings!