Farm Lesson Activities-Tractors

I have two little boys living in my house (and one big guy) who love farm tractors and machinery. They could play with tractors all day.

So why not make the tractor play a little educational too. Here are some free activities that you can do to bring some farm tractor and machines learning to your classroom or home.


Read Fantastic Farm Machines by Cris Peterson.

farm lesson activities via Zweber Farms, tractors, preschool, free, kindergarten

If you live in Minnesota, check your library before purchasing. Most Minnesota libraries should have it or you can reserve it through the intra-library system.

This book has beautiful photographs done by David Lundquist (He has taken our family’s pictures for a farming magazine before).

farm lesson activities via Zweber Farms, free, preschool, kindergarten

Readers are introduced to twelve machines that help farmers get their work done. Various farm tasks and technologies are shown.

Minnesota Academic Standards reached by reading this book:

  • Social Studies-History, Economics
  • Science-Life Science
  • Language Arts-Reading and Literature

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom has a great reader’s guide (scroll down to Fantastic Farm Machines)


My boys have a nice sized collection of tractors and other farm machinery.

First, I had Jonnie sort the machines by color.

Farm lesson activities via Zweber Farms, preschool, kindergarten, free


Can you tell which brand of tractors has done a better job marketing to children?

Farm lesson activities via Zweber Farms, preschool, kindergarten, free


Then, I had Jonnie line up a few tractors form smallest to largest.

Farm lesson activities via Zweber Farms, tractors, preschool, kindergarten, free


Writing and Letter Recognition

Next, I had Jonnie work on his writing and letter recognition skills.

farm lesson activities via Zweber Farms, preschool, tT, kindergarten, free, writing

I used First-School’s Letter T and Tractor Craft page. This worksheet emphasizes letter tracing and tracing of shapes.

Physical Activity

If you have the opportunity, go to a tractor dealership and tour the lots. Check with the sales staff first before you climb up on any machines.

Want more activity ideas?

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What are some activities you would add to this lesson plan?


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  1. Sarah

    I’ll have to check out that book and add it to my classroom library! I’m always looking for more ag books! Thanks!