FREE Teacher Resource Friday: Pumpkin Science Unit

Both our sons love science. I swear our oldest has the documentary Planet Earth memorized. They have been putting up with my FREE Teacher Resource projects that have been a heavy load of literacy and handwriting skill building. So when I told them this week we were going to focus on science, they were all smiles.

This week’s FREE Teacher Resource unit is Pumpkins.

Reading Comprehension/Intro to Sequencing (Math)

First, I read the second page of the Illinois Ag in the Classroom Ag Mag: Pumpkins. On this page, the children learn the life cycle of a pumpkin. 2 Teaching Mommies also has a great list of pumpkin books. After we read the section on the AgMag, I had the boys tell me three  of  six life cycles.

pumpkin science unit, free, books, preschool, kindergarten


Next, we colored a Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing printable from A to Z Teacher Stuff. As the boys were coloring, we discussed the colors of each stage. Finally, the boys used child scissors to cut out the cards (find motor development).

unit, teacher, free, preschool

Jonnie colors the cycles of the pumpkin plant

free teacher resource, pumpkin unit, coloring

Hannah even got into the action using crayons

Science/Estimation (Math)

Erik was itching to do some science at this point. Using a pumpkin we observed the outside of the pumpkin with magnifying glasses.  I had the boys divide a large piece of paper in half. On one side I wrote ” outside” and the boys drew what they observed.

observation, preschool, kindergarten, free

The boys LOVE magnifying glasses

free, teacher, unit, preschool, kindergarten

Jonnie is drawing his observations

Next, we cut open the pumpkin and talked about what we observed. On the second side of the sheet we drew what we observed.

free, teacher, preschool, kindergarten,

Hannah loved the sensory learning of touching the pumpkin seeds and flesh 

preschool, free, math, preschool, kindergarten

Erik was very proud of his observation drawings


After all this hard science work it was time for a healthy snack.

I then took all the seeds out the pumpkin and washed them. Erik used a hair drier to get them dried fast.


You can find all sorts of recipes online for roasting pumpkin seeds. I just added a small amount of melted butter, a pinch of salt and some Cajun seasoning. I roasted them at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

The boys tried the pumpkins. I got mixed results: Erik liked them, Jonnie didn’t.


I also baked the pumpkin. Even though this is not “pie” pumpkin, it had good taste.


Cover with foil and bake at 350 for 45-90 minutes (depends on pumpkin size)

I have been mixing the baked pumpkin with yogurt and granola for the healthy breakfast.  Yum Yum

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