Finding the time for social media

As part of my work with AgChat Foundation, I am often asked “How do you find the time to blog?” I blame my husband, Tim, and my adversity to folding laundry for my ability to find time to blog.

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Tim feeding heifers

Farmers have very long work days. Right now it is Thursday night around 9:00 p.m. I have yet to see Tim come in from the fields (he has been gone since 6 a.m.) He is trying to get work done before the much needed predicted rain comes. ¬†During the spring, summer and fall often we go through our days without seeing the “whites of each others eyes” (A phrase I learned from real life friend and farm wife Emily Mohn). When winter comes, and we have more together time, my blogging lags because we actually get to spend time together.

The kids have been in bed since 7 p.m. and I have huge pile of laundry to fold. Naturally, I fill my time blogging to avoid the laundry.  Now you know my secret.

Here is a similar post by fellow farm wife Janice Wolfinger on her blog: For the Love of Beef

What can I say, it is that time of year.

2 thoughts on “Finding the time for social media

  1. Becky Gartman

    I have that same adversity to housework too! My husband didn’t get in last night until after nine due to a breakdown. This time of year I call it being a spring planting widow. In summer I’m a hay widow and in fall I’m a fall harvest widow. At least I get to see him in the barn during chores or I’d feel completely like a single parent.