Free Range Eggs and Banana Pancakes

Hello readers! My name is Anna Simon. I have eagerly accepted an invitation by Zweber Farms to bring you monthly content on family and children nutrition and healthy living. Iā€™d like to take this piece as an opportunity to introduce myself in hopes that we can connect through these pieces each month and you feel a sense of trust in what I have to share.

I live in Elko New Market with my husband and 1.5 year old. We live on a 10 acre slowly growing hobby farm. We love adventure and the great outdoors. My husband is a motor-head and avid snowmobiler and my toddler is following suit! I am passionate in and drawn to holistic health. I love to create in my kitchen, learn and understand the benefits of food, get into nature and embrace the healing benefits it has to offer and look at health through a different lens than mainstream. A lens that offers seeing that health is so much more than physical. My credential background is RN BSN, Certified Case Manager and Certified Health Coach. I have worked in a multitude of spaces and owned and operated businesses that have allowed me to gain a variety of experience related to the human body, self care, nutrition, holistic living and embracing natural and nature as a way of life. I am continuing learning, especially when it comes to feeding my toddler! My goal is to provide you with informative content that inspires you to play in this healthy space and open you up to creating and loving new ways of living (all through trial and error šŸ˜‰ – Life IS 100% about the journey.)

As we explore healthy living together I hope you can feel comfortable to reach out with questions. My contact info is Instagram handle will be available over the coming months for more content and recipes. 

Today I will leave you with a simple, quick and easy recipe.
Banana Pancakes: Pancakes and muffins are a favorite for my toddler at any time of the day. He eats them often as snacks. He will either eat it in his high chair as a meal or have it in hand as we are walking around outside. Can be frozen. In the mornings we will top with grass fed butter and homemade yogurt.


1 Large, ripe Banana

2 Zweber Farms free range eggs

*optional additions: cinnamon, sprinkle of sea salt

Directions: Pre heat skillet or pan with melted butter for at least 2 minutes on medium/high. Place ingredients in blender until mixed. If a bit runny, add 1 tbsp of flax meal (or flour) and mix slightly. Let sit a minute for the flax to soak up. Pour in pan aiming for ~3 inch pancakes. These pancakes can burn easily. Watch closely and flip once the tops are bubbling and your spatula slides well under the pancake. A lid can be placed on top to help the process. 

I made these wonderful pancakes for the family. Everyone agreed, next time I need to make more! ~Emily