Real Grill Cheese: American Cheese Revolution

Today (Sunday), even though it was bitterly cold I met up with the Generation Organic Bus Tour at Valley Natural Foods in Apple Valley (my favorite store). The Generation Organic Own Your Food, Drive Your Future tour is heading across the Midwest talking with people about the goodness of organic foods and young farmers.

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Me “cheesing” it out in front of the wheel of food trivia


One of the highlights of the tour is that on most stops, the Generation Organic (Gen-O) gang are giving away samples of Organic Valley’s American Singles grill cheese sandwiches. These are no ordinary grill cheese sandwiches. Organic Valley’s new American cheese is… wait for it… UNPROCESSED! Holy cheese Batman, that has never been heard of before.

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Let me tell you, this American cheese is tasty! We received a free pack at our summer regional meeting and before I could drive the 5 minutes back to our house, the kids ate all of it. I cannot keep it around our house.

But there is more to grill cheese sandwiches than just American cheese and white bread (boring). I have seen all sorts of great Grown-Up Grill Cheese recipes. Organic Valley and Simply Organic have a great Pinterest board full of great ideas to get you started. I personally like a tomato, fresh basil, cheese and whole wheat bread grilled sanwich.

Do you have a winner of an idea for Grown-Up Grill Cheese? Enter Simply Organics Grown-Up Grill Cheese Contest (hurry contest ends Oct 9th).  You could win fabulous prizes from Organic Valley and Simply Organic.

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Make sure to check out the rest of the stops of the Generation Organic Own Your Food, Drive Your Future bus tour. We might be in your neck of the woods. Also make sure to check out the American Cheese Revolution. There you can pledge to Get Real with your food. Organic Valley will donate $1 (up to $25,000) for every signature they receive to Healthy Child Healthy World (a cause I fully support!).

So, a long story short: Go out and buy Organic Valley American Singles. They are fabulous!! GO Real Food!