From Police Officer to Chef to Farmer

Late this winter, I received a phone call from a lady who, as she put it, decided to finally follow her dreams. Those dreams included food, farming, and health. Okay. That’s nice. She was retiring from the police force, enrolling in culinary school and wanted to get some experience on a farm. It all sounded a little crazy.

As luck would have it, we were looking for a new assistant herdsman and needed the help. I took a chance and told her to come out and tour the farm. When she arrived, I was shocked to learn that she was approximately the same age as Tim and me. She was also very serious and knew exactly what she was getting into by applying for farm jobs. HIRED! And boy, am I glad we hired her.

Mary has been with us for about four months and she has dived right into all aspects of working on the farm. She loves the calves, is great with the cows and is learning to run the machinery a little bit at a time.

In addition to going to culinary school and working on our farm, she took yoga instructor classes and also personal trainer classes. She is now certified to teach in both. She has also learned that working in a restaurant as a short-order cook is probably not for her. I wish more people had the courage to follow their dreams. Mary is an inspiration to everyone.

We thought that we could utilize some of her cooking talents here on the farm. On July 29, we are offering a Chicken Cutting Class. You can learn how to break down a whole chicken into eight pieces. Mary will teach you proper knife techniques and how to cook a delicious chicken.


Register today!

In addition to this class, we also are starting to plan a fall dinner on the farm. Watch for more details in August. What other type of culinary events would you like to see on the farm? Mary and I have been brainstorming, but we want to hear your ideas too. Leave them in the comments.



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