Grass Fed Beef in Minnesota

Grass fed beef is very popular now and for good reason. Farmers see the benefits to their land and eaters see the benefits to their health.

Organic, Grass fed cows on pasture. Zweber Farms, Elko, MN

Our family farm in Elko, Minnesota started our grass fed beef journey about 30 years ago. We raised a few beef animals on pasture each year for family and friends. These weren’t 100% grass fed though. They did get a little bit of grain, but not a lot compared to feed lot raised animals. Then six years ago, we went 100% grass fed. Our dairy cooperative, Organic Valley, was looking for more 100% grass fed dairy farms in Minnesota and we decided to convert the dairy and the beef herd to 100% grass fed.

So what does 100% grass fed mean? This means our cattle only eat milk (as babies) and then only grasses and forages such as alfalfa and clovers. No grain to the babies and no finishing their life on grain. They are only fed healthy green things.

It isn’t easy being green

Being grass fed isn’t easy though. We are have to pay close attention to the quality of feed our animals are getting. Our best pastures and hay fields are a salad of a variety of grasses, clovers, and other leafy greens like kale, turnip leaves and radish leaves. The cattle get new pastures every 12 hours, so we are constantly moving fences. We use a single strand electric wire on a posts we can just push into the ground. Tim is constantly checking fields to see how they are growing. If we are having a great growing season, the cattle don’t need a large space to eat. If we are dry they might need a bigger space to have more food available. Minnesota weather can be tricky. It’s more of an art than a science.

In the wintertime, we feed our cattle grasses and greens that we harvest during the summer months. Our cattle are still out on pastures in the winter, but we bring feed to them. This way they still get the benefit of exercise and fresh air in the wintertime. When the weather is really cold in the winter, as it can be in Minnesota, we put them in areas protected by trees. This keeps them warm and safe.

Buying Grass Fed Beef

When you buy grass fed beef from our Minnesota family farm you are buying food that is not only good for your family it is good for their environment. We never use chemicals or GMO’s in our fields and pastures. Our cattle are never given hormones. Our cattle are allowed to live a wonderful life doing as cattle naturally do, eating grass.

If you are interested in buying a half, quarter, or even just individual cuts of grass fed beef from us, email us at or call us at 952-461-3428. You can see our prices here. We have an on farm store, where you can purchase items to try before buying a large custom package. Sign up for our emails, because we have open house hours once a month and that is the only way you will no. Don’t worry, you aren’t signing up for spam. I don’t have time to send out spam, I am a farmer. You will get about one email a month.

See you at the farm!