Have Zweber Farms Visit your School

Farm visit to school

Have a farm visit your school

We all want our students and children to grow up to be healthy adults. Did you ever consider that learning about health might not start with the Food Plate nor the grocery store aisle? Healthy living and learning starts at the farm. Knowing the what, where, and how of our food is a fundamental step to learning about health.

But how do you learn about food and farming when the number of farms in our country continues to decrease? Our family farm can help with that! Each spring our farm visits hundreds of students to share about our family farm and help students draw the connection between what is in the grocery store and where it all comes from.

We work one on one with teachers and other educators to deliver a 45-minute hands-on presentation that will delight your students. Our farm will visit schools within an hour radius of our farm. We know educators have tight curriculum schedules and need to make sure they are covering the standards. Our presentations work within the standards, so teachers don’t have to do extra work. We cover English Language Arts, Science, and Social Science.

A typical lower elementary presentation:

  • Read a story introducing where food comes from (language arts)
  • Talk about different food items and what types of farms they come from. (social science)
  • Pass around feed samples and talk about what types of animals eat these items (science)
  • Make butter (fun!)
  • Have a visit with a farm friend

That is right, if the school allows, we will bring either a hen or a small calf for the students to meet. After each presentation, the teacher is left with a packet of supplemental materials to continue the fun. Teachers keep the butter and I also supply them with enough crackers to have the students taste test their tasty treat. Let me know if there are any food sensitivities and I will try to accommodate.

Our presentations aren’t just for elementary students. We work with educators at all levels (even college!). Ask about our junior high and high school programs that are tailored to the classroom.

I have been a trained Agriculture in the Classroom member for nearly 20 years. I have visited with a variety of classes from around the state and country. I hope to visit your classroom soon!

The cost for this program is $100/class per 45-minute session.

To learn more email Emily Zweber at info@zweberfarms.com or call her at 651-341-0430. You may visit the Zweber Farms’ website at www.zweberfarms.com.

We hope to visit you soon!

~Emily Zweber