Healthy School Lunch Challenge

I am SUPER excited to announce that I am partnering with Organic Valley to challenge you all and myself to have healthy school lunches this year. Make sure that you subscribe to the Zweber Farm’s website so that you won’t miss a day of this challenge. Both Erik and Jonnie will be taking school lunch, and I don’t want to fall into the PB&J with a cookie and pickles rut again (not that PB&J, a cookie and pickles are bad, they are just boring after the 10th time.) We start school next week, so I need to get kicking.

Healthy school lunch ideas from Organic Valley

Healthy School Lunch Challenge

To have myself be more accountable to my healthy school lunch goal, weekly I will be sharing with you one of my healthy school lunch ideas from the past week. I will note the cost, time it took to prepare, recipes and how my kids rated the lunch. These will be real lunches.

I will be using Organic Valley, Zweber Farms and other organic ingredients in my lunches. My biggest challenge will be to keep the price very close to our school’s lunch price of$2 per meal. Do you think I can do it?

You will also be able to share with me your ideas, suggestions and link to your site and recipes. Find my posts on Friday through November so that you have all weekend to shop and prepare.

30 Days to Cherish with Organic Valley

This year Organic Valley has teamed up with Planetbox to giveaway ecofriendly Planetbox lunch containers and Organic Valley coupons to participants in the 30 Days to Cherish email series.

This email series has already started, and I am loving it! (Pst, the first day they gave away coupons for single serve milks. You will not want to miss any more emails). Today’s email (Day #4) was cow trivia.

Sign up for your chance to win! 30 Days to Cherish

planetbox via

The best part is the winners will receive custom Organic Valley Planetbox Rover Sets like this one Organic Valley sent me.

Organic valley Planetbox Rover set via zweberfarms.comI wonder if this is my friend Kelly’s or my friend Sarah’s cow???

So are you up to the challenge? Will you help me stay accountable? Subscribe to Zweber Farm’s emails so that you don’t miss a thing.




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