Help Us Help Family Pork farmers in Minnesota

You may have heard about large pork processing facilities shutting down due to CoVID. We did too and our hearts hurt for those farmers that rely on these facilities to buy the animals that they have raised and cared for. Farmers in Minnesota suddenly had no place to sell their pigs.

Then we started getting the calls from them and seeing their posts asking for buyers on social media.

These are unreal times. Honestly, we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. What we do know is that we have an awesome community of customers who love food and love the way that we farm and raise our animals.

Right now, we have the opportunity to purchase some of these pigs and raise them for you. We are taking a leap and think we can increase the number of pigs we raise without compromising the quality of life we give them and the quality of pork we sell you. This will be mean trying new things (like raising our momma sows on pasture) and trusting that customers will support us. Can you help us help our pig farmer friends?

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I am not going to lie. This is scary for us. If we take a chance and help these fellow farmer friends of ours, by buying their young pigs, will you, our customers, buy the pork?

We are taking pre-orders right now for all custom pork orders in 2020. We want to see where the demand is before we take on too many pigs. By preordering, we will make sure that you get the pork you want this year. You will have full freezer and you won’t have to wonder if the store has what you are looking for. You will have it safely in your home.

If the form isn’t loading use this link:

The one thing we know we can do right now is raise happy pigs. So will you support us?

Thank you to all our wonderful customers. Even though we cannot give handshakes right now, we are blessed that you continue to support our family farm.

Here is our current CoVID ordering information.

We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy!