Grass Fed Beef Liver, a healthy option

The other day on Facebook I posted a picture about grass fed beef liver. WOW! People have opinions on liver.

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I have heard over and over from our customers that our grass fed beef liver is the “best they have ever had.” I am going to have to take their word on it because I have never had it. GASP! Yep. Confession time.

Growing up, my mom always made it known that she disliked liver. She didn’t like the tastes or the smell. Apparently, my grandma would make it for my grandpa all the time. If my mom, the Italian cook, didn’t like it, there is no way I was going to like it.

BUT, I feel like I should at least try it. Liver does have a lot of great nutritional qualities. It’s high in iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and of course protein. Organ meats are becoming more popular. People are discovering the nutritional benefits of these meats. Heats, tongues, liver. Also, bone items like oxtail and marrow bones are flying off the shelf. We cannot keep them stocked for very long!

So, will you help me on this eating adventure? Do you like liver? How do you like to prepare it? I am thinking of mixing it in with grass fed ground beef at first.

Grass fed beef live tacos

Ready to try some grass fed beef live or organ meats yourself? We will have open store hours tomorrow (Feb 1, 2020) from 10am-1pm. Just stop on by. If those times don’t work, give us a call at 952-461-3428 or email us to set up a time that is more convenient for you. You can check out our beef prices here:

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See you at the farm!


One thought on “Grass Fed Beef Liver, a healthy option

  1. Mara

    Great dishes, thanks for posting. I’m also trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle and started to mine for healthy recipes like yours. Also, I’m training with SportMe home workout app, and I managed to get rid of some pounds. Your blog posts are super inspiring for me in this phase, thanks!