Meet Haribo , Our first heifer of the year!

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Welcome to the world Haribo!

This year we are using a candy themed naming scheme for our calves. This cutie was our first heifer calf of the year and we named her after the famous German candy company. Her official name is SZweber Cadance Haribo.  A day before her, Oreo, a Holstein x Speckle Park bull was born. He is all sorts of funny speckled. Haribo is a Brown Swiss calf. Her mother is Hattie (officially SZweber Thor Hattie). The Brown Swiss breed is known for its hardiness, but Haribo was all snuggled in the barn with her mom when the Polar Vortex hit. She had no idea it was -50 degrees outside.

We will need approximately 70 candy themed names to finish off the year. I have started making a spreadsheet, but I would love to hear your ideas. What is your favorite candy? Leave your answer in the comments.