Pigs have arrived on Zweber Farms

Pork for Sale in Minnesota

The pigs have arrived on the farm! It is really exciting because we almost thought we were not going to have any this year. To make a long story short, we had secured 50-60 pigs back in March. When it came time to arrange for pick up, the farmer would not answer our calls. Little did we know, he had sold our pigs and didn’t want to fess up. Thankfully, due to our awesome friends on social media, Tim put out a request for help, and we got 30 pigs from a friend of ours. We also purchased 35 more from a farm nearby (that is another long story of a dishonest person).

Since the pigs came from two different farms and are two different sizes, we cannot have them all in one group. Tim and Ben H (one of our part-time employees) had to do some creative engineering to make the barn into two large pens.

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The larger pigs relaxing inside and outside

We also wanted to make sure that each group had access to the outside. This is very important to us, because we believe that pigs need fresh, outside air and a place to exercise.

Here is Hannah peeking in on the smaller pigs. Do you notice the two that are out? I didn’t notice them until after I posted this video. They are so small they are fitting through the fences.

Jonnie got to tag along with Tim when he went to pick up the second batch of pigs. Tim hasn’t been home much lately, so it was a good time for them to spend some Father-Son time together. Also, since Jonnie is a middle child he tends to get cheated on alone time with either Tim or I.

Order Your Pork Today!

One of the batches of pigs is much larger then we usually buy them at. This means that they will be ready sooner. Make sure to get on our pork waiting list quick. The first pigs will be ready in September. Give us a call at 952-461-3428 or email us at zweber@integra.net.