A good farm dog laid to rest

This morning Haley, our Australian Shepard, passed away. It is always tough loosing a dog since they become such a strong part of your family. Haley was ten years old.

Haley was a good dog who always wanted to follow you around at the farm. She was particular attached to Lisa and would be there right by her side at the barn, garden, or out in the fields.

Rollie Brandt painted this picture of our farm and of course Haley had to be right there. How could she not include the dog that is always right where you are looking.

Those of you who have ever visited our farm will remember Haley as the smiling dog. She always had a smile on her face and we often had to tell first time visitors it was not a growl. Even when a professional photographer came to take our family’s picture for Organic Valley, Haley knew that she should be right in the middle of it all smiling.

Haley’s final resting spot will be a shaded area on the farm. A place of honor for many of our past farm dogs. Rest in peace Haley! You were a good dog.


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