Are there enough cats in your brand?

I saw the tagline “Are there a enough cats in your brand?” on one of the many social media and branding blogs I read. Apparently, cats are one of the most popular YouTube searches. The article was talking about drawing people into your brand and connecting with them.

Well we have cats. That isn’t a problem.

cute, cat, organic, farm, family, minnesota, mn

Cat soaking in the evening sun

funny picture, family farm, minnesota, mn, elko

Our cats are “guarding” the chicks. Good thing for screen doors.

lazy cat, minnesota, barn cat, mn, organic, family farm

Our cats have it real rough don’t they?

family farm, organic, cats, barn, minnesota, mn

This is Walter CronCat. Yes, Tim named him that. He likes to lick up any milk we may spill.

organic, cat, minnesota, family farm, beef, chicken, pork,

Here is Walter again. He hides in the hay waiting for mice. Most of the time he scares the crap out of me and many times I have almost hit him with the pitchfork because I didn’t know he was there!

Do you remember this cute Wordless Wednesday I post about our cat trying to get milk: Almost Got Milk

Cats are one of the best organic solutions for controlling the mice population. We try to keep our cats happy enough to stick around, but not too full so that they don’t become lazy and don’t hunt mice.

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Have a Cat-tastic day!


6 thoughts on “Are there enough cats in your brand?

    1. Zweber Farms Post author

      Thanks! The site is a work in progress still, but it is getting there. Just wish the cows would milk themselves for a few days so I had more time 😉

  1. Becky Gartman

    I noticed all your cats are orange, we could send you some of a different color;) I LOVE the name Walter Croncat, we had a tortise shell colored cat my husband named tortilini. I think your husband and mine think alike. Cute pics.