Chicks move to pasture!

This week has been busy on the farm. The sunny, dry, and warm weather helped a lot. It is sad to say that we actually need some rain. Wasn’t it just last week that I blog that we had too much? That is how it goes in farming.

One of the many projects we accomplished this week was getting our first batch of meat chickens out on pasture. After our chicks loose their cute fluff and get their feathers, it is time for them to move outside.

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Hannah and Jonnie got to help in the process. All our chickens are given plenty of space to do their natural chicken things. They will scratch, eat insects and peck at the grass. Each day we move the cages so that to leave their manure behind and have fresh grass. We don’t have free ranging meat birds, because we just don’t have  a large enough building to let them come back to. The cages give them freedom of the outdoors but also protect them from predators.

Also with the cages, we never to have worry about handling manure. It is left on the grass and serves as an excellent fertilizer. This method of chicken raising has been become popular in recent years. Our farm has been raising chickens this way since the early 1990’s. We were Pasture Poultry before Pasture Poultry was cool 🙂

Our first batch of meat birds will be available for purchase in a few short weeks. Give us a call if you have a large order or if you would like the bird cut up. Otherwise we will let you know when they are available directly from the farm. Please note that our prices have changed.


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