Calf Naming Contest Winner is…

Congratulations to Mariah for naming our newest calf! Mariah will receive an Organic Valley chico bag with coupons.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! Make sure that you subscribe to our blog (upper left-hand corner) to get yummy farm house recipes, food and farming lesson plans and the latest happenings on our farm.

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5 thoughts on “Calf Naming Contest Winner is…

  1. michelle

    Do you have any new pictures or video of Snowball? My kindergarten class is so interested in her and want to see what she is doing. We are studying the farm, and watching a calf like Snowball would be so educational and fun for them.

    1. michelle

      Thank you, Emily. The kids loved seeing Snowball drink her milk! Please keep updating when you can with new video and pictures. Our class has “adopted” her and is so excited to see her daily behavior and watch her grow. We are going to write stories about Snowball on Thursday. The kids wanted me to ask you if Snowball has any “calf friends” on the farm?

      1. Zweber Farms Post author

        Great to hear!! Yes, Snowball has 12 other calves about her age living with her. They all are drinking two (3 quart) bottles of milk a day and eating a little bit of hay. I will try to get a new picture tomorrow. Snowball will be moving into a new home with some of her friends.