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Today, I am going to give you a good list of farm themed worksheets for preschool and kindergarten aged students. Make sure to check out the rest of my free farm lesson plans and activities.

This week we traveled to the Organic Valley annual meeting. Due to conflicts of schedules, Tim and I had to travel separate. That meant I had to travel to La Crosse, WI by myself with the three kids. To keep the kids busy on long car rides, and even short ones, I create travel books that include fun worksheets and coloring pages.

travel book for kids, farm theme worksheet

These books are three-ring binders with clear plastic selves and worksheets within the selves.

travel book for kids, farm theme worksheet

The kids use dry erase markers or crayons on the clear selves. The genius of this is that the selves can be “erased” with a dry cloth and the worksheet can be used again.

travel book for kids, farm theme worksheet

Here are some of my favorite farm themed worksheets for preschool and kindergarten aged students. –This site has worksheets, level readers, coloring sheets, hidden object pages and other great resources for many grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. 

DTLK-Farm Mini Books and Activity worksheetsThis site has two mini books with farm themes. One is preschool level and other is kindergarten level. The site also has comprehension worksheets that correspond with the mini books.

Have Fun Teaching-Farm WorksheetsThis page has several great worksheets, but my favorite is the “Farm or Zoo” worksheet. In this activity students must identify which animals live on farms and which live in Zoos. vowels worksheet-Students must complete the names of farm animals using vowels.

KidZone-Standard Block printing type tracersThis worksheet has students trace the names of common farm animals.

Turtle DiaryThis site has twelve farm themed worksheets for kindergarten students. Some of the worksheets have students match farm animals with their habitat, food and babies. Others have student fill missing letters to form farm animal names.

School SparksI LOVE this site. There are so many quality free worksheets. This site has six farm themed worksheets for kindergarten.


How do you keep young children entertained while traveling?

Here is a post where I share more suggestions when traveling with children

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4 thoughts on “Farm themed worksheets

  1. Mike McCarty

    We had a term for that in the Air Force, “Shut up and color”. You looked a little worn from the drive as we passed you in the stairwell of the parking ramp, but you were surprisingly upbeat. Hope you had a good time before you had to rush back home. We live about 15 minutes south of the La Crosse Center so we pop in and out as we feel like attending and manage to work some of it in between farm chores. Maybe next year we’ll get a chance to chat a little longer…

    1. Zweber Farms Post author

      LOL, love that saying.
      Yes Mike we need to connect more the next chance we get! We had three sick kids, Tim wasn’t feeling well, I was in meetings for two days and the snow storm was looming. I was a little worn to say the least. I hope you had a great annual meeting.