FREE Teacher Resource: Ice Cream in a Bag

Today is the last Friday in the month of July. Do you know what we dairy farmers celebrate in July? ICE CREAM (July is ice cream month). But we don’t need a reason to celebrate ice cream.

This week the kids and I made ice cream in a bag. For small children, like mine, just making ice cream in a bag is a lesson in itself. Seeing that ingredients work together to make another food is a great concept to talk about. Young children can measure, pour and shake the ice cream. If you have older kids you can really get into the fun chemistry behind why ice cream in a bag works.

The Kansas Farm Bureau has a great ice cream in a bag lesson already set up for you. In the lesson there is great information on how the salt lowers the freezing point and additional extensions to the lesson.

Using the ingredients in the Kansas Farm Bureau lesson, we set out to do the project.

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Each of the boys did their own measuring.

Next we cranked up the Koo Koo Kangaroo ( PS their music is free to download and very fast pace)

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My kids are too young to understand all the chemistry, but they did like the fact that milk and sugar turned into a tasty treat.

Happy Ice Cream Month!! What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

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