My Husband Doesn’t Wear His Wedding Ring

GASP!! My husband doesn’t wear his wedding ring daily. In all fairness I don’t either. Should I be mad about this? No way. I actually don’t want him to wear his wedding ring. He only gets to wear it when we go out. 

On the farm there are too many places that a person could get their fingers stuck. When Tim and I first got married I told him that I don’t want the phone call stating “Honey, bring a bag of ice, we need to bring my finger to the ER.” His first wedding ring was some expensive thing (more than mine with diamonds) made of some indestructible metal. I had visions of it getting caught on a piece of equipment and we would have to call the fire department to free him. 

Our Wedding Day


Well, his first ring is now in one of our fields. He forgot to take it off one day before he left home. He was vaccinating calves, put the ring in his pocket and it fell out without him noticing. We are sure it was scooped up with the compost and spread on the fields. If you find a silver ring with the engraving: TBZ and EJF 01-14-06, please return it to us. Tim’s second ring is a Walmart special. 

We are always thinking about safety on our farm. Whether we are making sure the boys are always in a safe place or that we wear hearing protection around noisy equipment. We also make sure to handle our cattle in a calm fashion so as not to create an unsafe situation. 

Safety is always on our minds. So if you see either of us without our wedding rings on, don’t be alarmed. We probably just forgot to put it on. 


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2 thoughts on “My Husband Doesn’t Wear His Wedding Ring

  1. Trase

    My husband still works in the city during the day, so he wears his ring there – but I am here all day doing chores, and we agree that when either of us are working around our little farm here, we should not wear our rings, for reasons both of safety, and so as not to destroy our rings! I’m glad that you posted about this – I kind of figured that we weren’t alone in how we handle this, and now I know for sure, ha! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

  2. ann Quigley

    I went to milk cows last night and when I went to put my gloves on I noticed I was wearing my wedding band. A quick call to Trevor and he drove out and picked it up for me. Jared sliced his finger at the Dakota Co fair many years ago with his ring on and since then we do not wear rings working with livestock or on the farm.