Only God Knows His Plans for This Planting Season.

As I type this, the house is VERY quite. Tim is napping and my parents just picked up the boys for an overnight visit.

This week has been crazy busy, especially for Tim and Jon. I don’t think Tim has gotten home before 3:00 a.m. each night and has been back at the farm by 7:00a.m. Monday-Thursday we had sunny and warm weather. These days have been our first real chance of getting in the fields. The weather has been too wet and too cold most of this spring. You know things are getting bad when our semi-urban church had an extra prayer for the farmers last Sunday.

We know that we should always trust that God will provide, but it is really hard when you are a farmer and have 200 plus mouths to feed, plus your family.

Due to our prayers being answered, we have gotten small grains (barely/peas) planted.  Tim got the no-till drill from the Soil and Water Conservation District yesterday and interseeded pastures. Here is a video I took last year of us doing the same thing.

Notice the date I filmed last year!! April 5th, 2010. A whole month and a half earlier than this year. Granted last spring was very early; this spring we are very late, when it comes to small grains and pasture seeding. Fingers crossed today’s rain ends soon and we are able to finish corn planting.

Planting seeds on time insures that we have a long enough growing season to grow our crops. On our farm, all the crops we raise are then fed to our cattle, poultry and hogs through the winter and next spring and summer. It vital that our crops grow well, so that our animals have healthy food.

Much of the nation is facing the same problems we are. Rain, floods, cold and drought (in South West) are making this planting season very difficult. As a food eaters (which we all are), we should all be concerned. If crops cannot be planted, then there will be nothing to harvest. If crops cannot be harvested, then there will not be either food for livestock or humans. Again, we can only trust that God will provide.

Here is to hoping the weekend isn’t a wash out and we are back in the fields next week. Ohh by the way, Tim informed me that our hay will probably be cut next week. There is never any rest on our farm! The boys will continue to pray for Daddy each night that he is safe in the fields.


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